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ooVoo lets you video call with up to 12 friends. Send text, picture, and video messages, and lots more.
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Android, Apple/iOS, Windows, Windows Phone

Connect with friends and family on any device

ooVoo is everywhere. We’re available on Amazon Fire Phone, Android Smartphone, Android Tablet, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, Windows Phone, PC and Intel? RealSense? devices.


Get in on a 12-way group chat. Video call with all your friends, all together.

Share moments better with ooVoo

  • Group video calling
    Groups are Great

    Get the highest quality group video calling. Talk to up to 12 people at a time, totally free.

  • Crystal-clear, free voice calls
    Gifts for Gabbers

    Make crystal-clear free voice calls to other ooVoo users. Purchase ooVoo credits and you can call landlines too.

  • Text Messaging >
    Txt Msg

    Text messaging is built into the app. Send messages to anyone, even during video chats.

  • Watch with your friends >
    Watch Together

    Watch YouTube videos together with friends while video chatting. Available on PC.

  • Video messages >
    Leave a Message

    Share fun photo and video messages with friends, family, or on social media. Simply record and send.

  • Record calls >
    Play it Again……

    Tap ‘record’ while in a video call to capture the conversation. Share with your friends or save it to enjoy later. Available for PC.


with ooVoo SuperClear?

Put your best face forward

Get the video chat and messaging app with the highest quality picture and sound. ooVoo’s patented Superclear? technology delivers unbelievable video clarity and crystal clear audio.

ooVoo is completely and totally free and packed with amazing features. You get one-on-one and group video calling, text and picture messaging, screen sharing, free voice calling, and more.

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There’s more to ooVoo

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